uvod enagro

...annually we deal with 800,000 tons of commodities, of which corn, rapeseed, wheat, DDGS, vegetable oils, glycerin, rapeseed groats and chemicals.


We form a part of the largest agricultural commodity chain in Slovakia. Enagro is a reliable partner that provides comprehensive services to crop growers in seeding, protecting, cultivating, financing, purchasing and final processing. Maintaining quality throughout the production and purchasing process is important for Enagro. We are ISCC and GMP+ certified and developing ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 systems.

Enagro was founded in 2008 as a trading company whose primary objective has been to purchase commodities for the biofuel industry. Today, Enagro buys and sells 800,000 metric tons of commodities per year. The company’s trading portfolio includes corn (maize), rapeseed, wheat, vegetable oils, rapeseed meal, DDGS, glycerol, seeds, fertilizer, chemical protective equipment and fuel.

Ever since ENAGRO entered the Slovak agricultural market, it has taken a clear position and outlined its objectives as a market leader. Its annual purchase volume of 320,000 metric tons of maize and 210,000 metric tons of rapeseed oil comprise a strong component in a major local chain of Slovak agricultural businesses operating processing plants throughout Slovakia and the region.

Ambitious plans and the vision of a strong and modern business partner are being successfully achieved and Enagro is now expanding into new projects. Modern trends in the field of agriculture, crop cultivation and subsequent trading and processing of agricultural crops is considered by Enagro’s management as the basis of successful long-term strategy.

Ever since the company’s entry to the market, Enagro has demonstrated that as the supplier of major biofuel producers in the region it has a clear goal:

To build its commodity-trading business primarily on fair supplier-purchaser relations with farmers and with key traders in the CEE region. Enagro is a strong link in the local agricultural supply chain and a supplier in the local agricultural market. Enagro’s priority is to build long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with agricultural commodity producers and to be a reliable partner in both the purchase of agro-commodities and sales of agricultural market services and products.

Enagro offers financial security to commodity suppliers.

The key focus of Enagro is the procurement of agricultural commodities, particularly rapeseed and corn. Another important activity at the company is trading these commodities both inside and outside of the home market, Slovakia.

Bold plans and high-quality human resources is what creates excellent conditions for meeting all of Enagro's goals and development of market cooperation among Slovak farmers.