Enagro strives to contribute to the protection of environment, which it does by the purchase and sales of sustainable products with low greenhouse gas emission values.

In purchase of the key agricultural commodities (corn, rapeseed) the company targets raw marerial certified according to the national sustainability schemes (ISCC DE, REDcert DE, SK BIO, BUHG, TU CZ) and also schemes approved by the European Commission (ISCC EU, 2BSvs, REDcert EU...)

Enagro is also able to offer for sale commodities certified according to the internationally accepted scheme ISCC EU and also commodities certified according to national sustainability schemes ISCC DE and SK BIO.

iscc de

ISCC DE certificate Enagro

ENAGRO EU ISCC Cert DE100 00994122 page 0001

ISCC EU certificate Enagro

ENAGRO SK BIO 0312202202122023 page 0001

SK BIO certificate Enagro

UKSUP attestation ENAGRO 1

UKSUP attestation Enagro

GMPFS 2020 certificate ENAGRO 1

GMP+B3 certificate Enagro